Akinobu Habu

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Akinobu Habu (土生 昶申 (Habu Akinobu), 1920–2008), Japanese entomologist.

Laboratory of Insect Identification and Taxonomy, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

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  • Habu, A. 1973. Fauna Japonica. Carabidae: Harpalini (Insecta: Coleoptera). xiii + 430 pp., 24 pls. Tokyo: Keigaku Publishing Co. Reference page

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  • Habu, A. 1979. On a collection of Carabidae from Nepal made by the Hokkaido University scientific expedition to Nepal Himalaya, 1968 (III). Entomological Review of Japan 33(1/2): 1–18. PDF of volume Reference page
  • HABU, A. 1979. A New Genus and Species of the Lebiini from Formosa (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Proceedings of the Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology (The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology), 16: 65-69. doi:10.19004/pjssz.16.0_65. 
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