Juri Sergeevich Grigorjev

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Juri Sergeevich Grigorjev (1905–1975), Russian (Soviet) botanist.

русский: Юрий Сергеевич Григорьев

IPNI standard form: Grig. (outdated G. Grig.)

Taxon names authored

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  • 0 eponyms of Juri Sergeevich Grigorjev
  • Convolvulus grigorjevii Kamelin, 1997
  • Cousinia grigoriewii Juz., 1937
  • Orobanche grigorjevii Novopokr., 1950
  • Pedicularis grigorjevii Ivanina, 1983
  • Piptatherum grigorjevii Tzvelev, 1974



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