María Gloria Eliana Arratia Fuentes, biologist specialized in ichthyology and ichthyopalaeontology.

Author abbreviation: G.Arratia

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  • Arratia G. 1987. Anaethalion and similar teleosts (Actinopterygii, Pisces) from the Late Jurassic (Tithonian) of southern Germany and their relationships. Palaeontographica, A 200: 1–44.Reference page

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1999 Edit

  • Arratia, G. 1999. The monophyly of Teleostei and stemgroup teleosts. Consensus and disagreements, pp. 265–334 in Arratia, G. & Schultze, H. P. (eds.) Mesozoic Fishes 2 – Systematics and Fossil Record. Verlag Dr. F. Pfeil, Munich. Reference page
  • Arratia, G. & Schultze, H.-P. 1999. Semionotiform fish from the Upper Jurassic of Tendaguru (Tanzania). Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Geowissenschaften Reihe, 2: 135–153. Reference page

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  • Arratia, G., 2010: The Clupeocephala revisited: Analysis of characters and homologies. Revista de Biologia Marina & Oceanografia 45: 635–657. Reference page

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