Giorgio Carnevale

Giorgio Carnevale (G. Carnevale), Italian paleontologist

  • Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università degli Studi di Torino, Via Valperga Caluso, 35 I-10125 Torino, Italy
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  • Marramà, G. & Carnevale, G., 2016 [epub 2015]. An Eocene anchovy from Monte Bolca, Italy: The earliest known record for the family Engraulidae. Geological Magazine, 153(1): 84–94. DOI: 10.1017/S0016756815000278  . Reference page
  • Carnevale, G. & Tyler, J. C., 2015: A new pufferfish (Teleostei, Tetraodontidae) from the Middle Miocene of St. Margarethen, Austria. Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 89 (3): 435–447. DOI: 10.1007/s12542-014-0243-3
  • Gaudant, J. & Carnevale, G., 2015: Pharisatichthys aquensis n. gen., n. sp. : un nouveau poisson fossile (Teleostei, Gerreidae) de l'Oligocène supérieur d'Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône, France). Geodiversitas, 37 (1): 109–118. DOI: 10.5252/g2015n1a5
  • Marramà, G. & Carnevale, G., 2015: Eocene round herring from Monte Bolca, Italy. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 60 (3): 701–710. DOI: 10.4202/app.00057.2014 Reference page
  • Marramà, G. & Carnevale, G., 2015: The Eocene sardine †Bolcaichthys catopygopterus (Woodward, 1901) from Monte Bolca, Italy: osteology, taxonomy, and paleobiology. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Online edition: e1014490. DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2015.1014490 Reference page
  • Carnevale, G. & Johnson, G.D., 2015: A Cretaceous Cusk-Eel (Teleostei, Ophidiiformes) from Italy and the Mesozoic Diversification of Percomorph Fishes. Copeia, 103 (4): 771–791. DOI: 10.1643/CI-15-236 Reference page
  • Carnevale, G. & Bannikov, A.F. 2015. Pietschellidae fam. nov., a new family of miniature percomorph fishes from the Eocene of Bolca, with the description of a new genus and species. Studi e ricerche sui giacimenti terziari di Bolca, XVI - Miscellanea paleontologica 13: 17–26. ResearchGate Reference page
  • Carnevale, G., 2015: Middle Miocene wrasses (Teleostei, Labridae) from St. Margarethen (Burgenland, Austria). Palaeontographica Abteilung A, 304 (1–6): 121–157. Reference page


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