George Ledyard Stebbins

George Ledyard Stebbins (1906–2000), U.S. botanist.

IPNI standard form: Stebbins

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  • Stebbins, G.L. 1935. A new species of Antennaria from the Appalachian region. Rhodora 37(439): 229–237. JSTOR  BHL Reference page
  • Variation and Evolution in Plants (1950)
  • Processes of Organic Evolution (1966)
  • The Basis of Progressive Evolution (1969)
  • Chromosomal Evolution in Higher Plants (1971) (ISBN 0-7131-2287-0)
  • Flowering Plants: Evolution Above the Species Level (1974) (ISBN 0-674-30685-6)
  • Evolution (1977) with Dobzhansky, Ayala and Valentine
  • Darwin to DNA, Molecules to Humanity (1982) (ISBN 0-7167-1331-4)
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