George Frederick Matthew

George Frederick Matthew (1837–1923), Canadian botanist, geologist and palaeontologist

IPNI standard form: Matthew

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Publications edit

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1886 edit

  • Matthew, G.F. 1886. Discovery of a pteraspidian fish in the Silurian rocks of New Brunswick. The Canadian record of science 2: 251–252. PDF Reference page
  • Matthew, G.F. 1886. Additional note on the pteraspidian fish found in New Brunswick. The Canadian record of science 2: 323-325. PDF Reference page
  • Matthew, G.F., 1886. On the Cambrian faunas of Cape Breton and Newfoundland.
  • Matthew, G.F., 1886. Note on the occurrence of Olenellus? kjerulfi in America. American Journal of Science.

1887 edit

  • Matthew, G.F. 1887. A preliminary notice of a new genus of Silurian fishes. Bulletin of the Natural History Society of New Brunswick 6(4): 69–73. PDF Reference page

1889 edit

  • Matthew, G.F., 1889. Sur le développement des premiers trilobites. P. Weissenbruch, Imp. du roi.

1907 edit

  • Matthew, G.F. 1907. A new genus and a new species of Silurian fish. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, (series 3) 1(sec.IV, art. II): 7–9, 1 pl. Reference page

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