George Neville Jones

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George Neville Jones (1903–1970), U.S. botanist.

IPNI standard form: G.N.Jones

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  • Jones, GN. 1936. A botanical survey of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Ed. Seattle, University of Washington. 286 pp. 9 pls., map
  • Jones, GN. 1936. The flowering plants and ferns of Mount Rainier. Ed. Seattle, Wash., University of Washington. 192 pp. 9 pl.
  • Jones, GN. 1945. Flora of Illinois : containing keys for the identification of the flowering plants and ferns. Ed. Notre Dame, Ind. : The University Press. 317 pp. : il. (2 maps)
  • Jones, GN. 1946. American species of Amelanchier. With 14 maps and 23 plates. Ed. Urbana, The University of Illinois Press. 126 pp. incl. illus. (maps) XXIII pl.
  • ----; GD Fuller, GS Winterringer, et al. 1955. Vascular plants of Illinois. Ed. Urbana, University of Illinois Press. 593 pp.
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  • ----. 1966. An annotated bibliography of Mexican ferns. Ed. Urbana, University of Illinois Press. xxxiii + 297 pp.
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