Frederick Clement Page

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Frederick Clement Page (1926–), U.S. protozoologist.

Alternative name: Fred C. Page

IPNI standard form: F.C.Page

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  • Page, F.C. 1967. Filamoeba nolandi n. g., n. sp., a filose amoeba. Trans. Amer. Microsc. Soc. 86: 405–411. [1].
  • Page, F.C. 1969. Platyamoeba stenopodia n. g. n. sp., a freshwater amoeba. J. Protozool. 16: 437–441. [2].
  • Page, F.C. 1972. Rhizamoeba polyura n. g., n. sp., and uroidal structures as a taxonomic criterion for amoebae. Trans. Amer. Microsc. Soc. 91: 502–513. [3].
  • Page, F.C. 1974. A further study of taxonomic criteria for limax amoebae, with description of new species and a key to genera. Arch. Protistenk. 116: 149–184. Abstract.
  • Page, F.C. (1975). A new family of amoebae with fine pseudopodia. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 56 (1): 73–89. [4].
  • Darbyshire, J.F., Page, F.C. & Goodfellow, L.P. (1976). Paratetramitus jugosus, an amoeboflagellate of soils and fresh water, type-species of Paratetramitus nov. gen. Protistologica, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 375-387.
  • Page, F.C. (1979). Two genera of marine amoebae (Gymnamoebia) with distinctive surface structures: Vannella Bovee, 1965, and Pseudoparamoeba n.g., with two new species of Vannella. Protistologica 15: 245-257.
  • Page, F.C. (1981). Eugène Penard’s slides of Gymnamoebia: re-examination and taxonomic evaluation. Bull Br Mus Nat Hist (Zool) 40:1–32. [5].
  • Page, F.C. 1981. A light- and electron-microscopical study of Protacanthamoeba caledonica n. sp., type-species of Protacanthamoeba n. g. (Amoebida, Acanthamoebidae). J. Protozool. 28(1): 70–78, [6].
  • Page, F.C. 1981. Mayorella Schaeffer, 1926, and Hollandella n. g. (Gymnamoebia), distinguished by surface structures, with comparisons of three species. Protistologica 17(4): 543–562.
  • Page, F.C. 1983. Marine gymnamoebae. Cambridge. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. 54 pp. [7].
  • Page, F.C. & Willumsen, N.B.S. 1983. A light- and electron- microscopical study of Paraflabellula reniformis (Schmoller, 1964), type species of a genus of amoebae (Amoebida, Flabellulidae) with subpseudopodia. Protistologica 19(4): 567–575.
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  • Page, F.C. (1988). A New Key to Freshwater and Soil Gymnamoebae. Ambleside, Cumbria, U.K.: Freshwater Biological Association, 122 pp. [8].


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