Frank Nelson Blanchard

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Frank Nelson Blanchard (1888–1937), U.S. herpetologist.

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1919 edit

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1923 edit

  • Blanchard, F.N. 1923. The Amphibians and Reptiles of Dickinson County, Iowa. Iowa Studies in Natural History 10(2): 19–26.

1930 edit

  • Blanchard, F.N., Force, E.R. 1930. The Age of Attainment of Sexual Maturity in the Lined Snake Tropidoclonion lineatum (Hallowell). Bulletin of the Antivenin Institute of America 3(4): 96–98.

1938 edit

  • Blanchard, F.N. 1938. Snakes of the Genus Tantilla in the United States. Zoological Series of Field Museum of Natural History 20(28): 369–376.

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