Felix Schlagintweit

Felix Schlagintweit, German palaeontologist

  • Lerchenauerstr. 167, 80935 Munich, Germany.

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1998 edit

  • Schlagintweit, F. & Ebli, O. 1998. Halimeda paucimedullaris n. sp. and Oroseina pletzachensis n. sp., two new calcareous algae from the Upper Cretaceous of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Gosau Group, Austria), followed by remarks on Dissocladella ? pyriformis Schlagintweit, 1991. Revue de Paléobiologie 17(2): 361–371. PDF Reference page

2001 edit

2004 edit

  • Schlagintweit, F. & Dragastan, O. 2004. Pinnatiporidium untersbergensis n.sp. a new siphonous green-alga of the Family Protohalimedaceae Dragastan, Littler. & Littler 2002 from the Upper Jurassic of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria). Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae 4: 455–462. ResearchGate Reference page

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2022 edit

  • Torromé, D.T. & Schlagintweit, F.S. 2022. Milanovicella? canadillana sp. nov., an Upper Cretaceous supposedly calcitic Dasycladale (green algae) from the middle Santonian-lower Campanian of northeastern Spain. Cretaceous Research. 141. Article 105365.