Ernest Edward Williams

Ernest Edward Williams (1914-1998), U.S. herpetologist and Harvard University Professor.

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  • Williams, E.E. 1962: Notes on Hispaniolan herpetology 6. The giant anoles. Breviora, (155): 1–15.

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1974 edit

  • Williams, E.E. 1974: South American Anolis: Three new species related to Anolis nigrolineatus and A. dissimilis. Breviora, 422: 1–15.

1982 edit

  • Williams, E.E. 1982: Three new species of the Anolis punctatus complex from Amazonian and inter-Audean Colombia, with comments on the eastern members of the punctatus species group. Breviora, 467: 1–38.

1983 edit

  • Ayala, Stephen; Harris, Dennis & Williams, Ernest E. 1983: New or problematic Anolis from Colombia. I. Anolis calimae, new species, from the cloud forest of Western Colombia. Breviora, 475: 1–11.

1984 edit

  • Williams E.E. 1984: New or problematic Anolis from Colombia. II. Anolis propinquus, another new species from the cloud forest of western Colombia. Breviora, 477: 1–7.

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1988 edit

  • Williams, E.E. 1988: New or problematic Anolis from Colombia. V. Anolis danieli, a new species of the latifrons species group and a reassessment of Anolis apollinaris Boulenger, 1919. Breviora, 489: 1–25.

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1992 edit

  • Williams, E.E. 1992. The Anolis handlist. Mus. of Comp. Zool., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA.

1993 edit

  • Myers, Charles W., Williams, Ernest E., McDiarmid, Roy W. 1993. A new anoline lizard (Phenacosaurus) from the highland of Cerro de la Neblina, southern Venezuela. American Museum novitates, 3070:

1996 edit

  • Williams, E.E., Praderio, M.J. & Gorzula, S. 1996. A Phenacosaur from Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela. Breviora, 506: 1–15.

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