Elena Ernestovna Becker-Migdisova

Elena Ernestovna Becker-Migdisova (22 October 1909 – 8 October 1989), Russian palaeoentomologist specialising in Hemiptera.

русский: Елена Эрнестовна Беккер-Мигдисова

Alternative unaccepted transliterations: Bekker-Migdisova

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1968 edit

  • Becker-Migdisova, E.E. 1968. Протопсиллидииды и их морфология (Homoptera, Protopsyllidiidae) [Protopsyllidiids and their morphology (Homoptera, Protopsyllidiidae)]. In: B.B. Rohdendorf (ed.), Юрские насекомые Каратау [Jurassic Insects of Karatau]. Izdatel'stvo "Nauka", Moscow, pp. 87–98. [in Russian] Google Books. Reference page

1973 edit

  • Becker-Migdisova, E.Ė 1973. On the Systematics of the Psyllomorpha and the Position of the Group Within the Order of Homoptera.

1985 edit

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