Edward Newman

Edward Newman (1801–1876), English botanist and entomologist.

Edward Newman

IPNI standard form: Newman

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  • Newman, E. 1832. Monographia Aegeriarum Angliae. The Entomological Magazine 1: 66–84.



  • Newman, E. 1834. Entomological notes (Continued from Vol. I., page 514.) Entomological magazine 2(2): 200–205. BHL Reference page
  • Newman, E. 1834. Entomological notes. The Entomological Magazine 2: 200–205, 313–315.
  • Newman, E. 1834. Attempted division of British insects into natural orders. The Entomological Magazine 2: 379–431. BHL Reference page


  • Newman, E. 1837. Notes on Tenthredininae. The Entomological Magazine 4: 258–263. Reference page
  • Newman, E. 1837. Description of two Scarabaei in the cabinet of Samuel Hanson, Esq., M.E.S., &c. The Entomological Magazine 4(3): 255–257. BHL







  • Newman, E. 1844. Description de Callidium rubeocolle, a new Cerambycideous Beetle Zoologist 2: 477.
  • Newman, E. 1844. Description of Hermerius impar, a new Prionideous Beetle Zoologist 2: 415.
  • Newman, E. 1844. Description of Toxotus rugipennis a new Lepturideous Beetle Zoologist 2: 476.
  • Newman, E. 1844. The Zoologist, a popular miscellany of Natural History Van Voorst, London 2: 385–800
  • Newman, E. 1844. A History of British Ferns and allied plants. 2nd ed., London, J. Van Voorst. BHL Reference page



  • Newman, E. 1847. Description of a few Australian Cerambycideous Beetles, four new species are described Zoologist 5: 1677.


  • Newman, E. 1850. Description of certain Longicorn Coleoptera from New Holland. Zoologist: a popular miscellany of Natural History 8(11): cxi-cxviii. BHL Reference page
  • Newman, E. 1850. Art XIII. – Descriptions of Three Coleopterous Insects from New Zealand. Zoologist, 8: cxix-cxx.


  • Newman, E. 1851. A few words on the synonymy of Distichocera, a genus of Longicorn Coleoptera from New Holland, with characters of three species undescribed. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 19: 75–81, 1 pl.
  • Newman, E. 1851. Characters of a second species of Pseudocephalus, a Longicorn Insect from New Holland. Zoologist, 9 (Appendix) : 137–138.
  • Newman, E. 1851. Characters of two apparently undescribed species of Longicorn Coleoptera. Zoologist, 9 (Appendix): 179–180.
  • Newman, E. 1851. Descriptions of new Insects from New Holland: nine new species are described. Zoologist, 9 (Appendix): 128–132.
  • Newman, E. 1851. Some remarks on the synonymy of Distichocera, a genus of Australian Longicornia Coleoptera together with characters of two species supposed to be previously undescribed. Zoologist, 9: 3091–3092.



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