Edward A. Ueckermann

Edward A. Ueckermann, acarologist.

  • ARC–Plant Protection Research Institute, Private Bag X134, Queenswood, Pretoria 0121, South Africa.
  • School of Biological Sciences/Zoology, North–West University, Potchefstroom Campus 2520, South Africa

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  • Akyazi, R., Ueckermann, E.A., Akyol, D. & Soysal, M. 2017. Distribution of mite species (Acari) on persimmon trees in Turkey (Ordu), with one newly recorded mite species and one re-described species. International Journal of Acarology 43(8): 563–581. Reference page

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  • Ueckermann, E.A., De Vis, R.M.J., Reybroeck, E., Vervaet, L., Van Lommel, W., Dewitte, J., Foqué, D., Gautam, S., Ouyangh, Y., Vangansbeke, D., De Clercq, P. & Van Leeuwen, T. 2024. Redescription of Pronematus ubiquitus (McGregor, 1932) (Acari, Iolinidae), description of two new species and redescription of two additional species with a review of and key to all Pronematus species. Acarologia 64(1): 277–311. Full article (PDF). Reference page
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