Eduardo Cires Rodríguez (born 1981), Spanish botanist.

IPNI standard form: Cires

Assistant Professor of Botany at the University of Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain

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  • Cires, E., Cuesta, M., Peredo, E.L., Revilla, M.A. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2009. Genome size variation and morphological differentiation within Ranunculus parnassifolius group (Ranunculaceae) from calcareous screes in the Northwest of Spain. Plant Systematics and Evolution 281: 193-208.
  • Fernández Prieto, J.A., Vázquez, V.M., Vallines, R.P. & Cires, E. 2010. Sistemática y diversidad de la Familia Saxifragaceae Juss. en la Reserva de Biosfera de Somiedo (Asturias, España). Boletín de Ciencias de la Naturaleza. Real Instituto de Estudios Asturianos 51: 277–298. PDF ResearchGate Reference page
  • Cires, E. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2012. The Iberian endemic species Ranunculus cabrerensis Rothm.: an intricate history in the Ranunculus parnassiifolius L. polyploid complex. Plant Systematics and Evolution 298(1): 121-138.
  • Cires, E., Cuesta, C., Vargas, P. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2012. Unravelling the evolutionary history of the polyploid complex Ranunculus parnassiifolius (Ranunculaceae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107: 477-493.
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  • Fernández Prieto, J.A., Arjona, J.M., Sanna, M., Pérez, R. & Cires, E. 2013. Phylogeny and systematics of Micranthes Haw. (Saxifragaceae): an appraisal in European territories. Journal of Plant Research 126(5): 605-611.
  • Fernández Prieto, J.A. & Cires, E. 2014. Phylogenetic placement of Dethawia, Meum and Rivasmartinezia (Apioideae, Apiaceae): Evidence from nuclear and plastid DNA sequences. Plant Biosystems 148(5): 975–987. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2013.819818 Reference page
  • Cires, E., Baltisberger, M., Cuesta, C., Vargas, P. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2014. Allopolyploid origin of the Balkan endemic Ranunculus wettsteinii (Ranunculaceae) inferred from nuclear and plastid DNA sequences. Organisms Diversity & Evolution 14: 1-10.
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  • Cires, E. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2015. Phylogenetic relationships of Petrocoptis A.Braun ex Endl. (Caryophyllaceae), a discussed genus from the Iberian Peninsula. Journal of Plant Research 128(2): 223-238.
  • Fernández Prieto, J.A., Molero Mesa, J., Pérez Súarez, M., Sanna, M., Muñoz Díaz, J.M. & Cires, E. 2015. Are they different species or vicariant elevational races of the same species? The case of an Iberian endemic plant, Ranunculus bupleuroides (Ranunculaceae). Phytotaxa 239(3): 242-252.
  • Nava, H.S., Cires, E. & Fernández Prieto, J.A. 2016. Status clarification and disposal of Carrière's ivy names. Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 73(1): e031.
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