Douglas Keith McEwan Kevan

Douglas Keith McEwan Kevan (1920–1991), British entomologist.

Zoological abbreviation: Kevan

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1952 edit

1953 edit

  • Kevan, D.K.McE. 1953. The generic name Dictyophorus Thunberg, 1815 (Orth., Acrididae). The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 89: 103–105.
  • Kevan, D.K.McE. 1953. Some difficulties raised in applying the Rule of Priority to Supra-Generic Nomenclature, as illustrated by the Name Pyrgomorphinae (Insecta: Orthoptera) and its Alternatives. Special Papers of the University of Nottingham School of Agricultural Zoology Sect. 1, ii + 11 pp. (mimeo).

1957 edit

  • Kevan, D.K.McE. 1957. Doriaella I. Bolívar, 1898, Brunniella I. Bolívar, 1905, and other interesting East Indian Acridoidea (Orthoptera). Nova Guinea (N.S.) 8: 197–203, pl. XIV.

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