David Stephen Fletcher

David Stephen Fletcher, British entomologist.

Author abbreviation: D.S. Fletcher

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1957 edit

  • Fletcher, D.S. 1957. Macroheterocera of Rennell Island. In T. Wolff, the Natural History of Rennell Island, British Solomon Islands. 1-234. Reference page

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1979 edit

  • Fletcher, D.S. 1979. Geometroidea. In: Nye, I.W.B. (Ed.), The generic names of moth of the World. Vol. 3, Geometroidea: Apoprogonidae, Axiidae, Callidulidae, Cyclidiidae, Drepanidae, Epicopeiidae, Epiplemidae, Geometridae, Pterothysanidae, Sematuridae, Thyatiridae, Uraniidae. Publications of the British Museum (Natural History) 3: 1–243. BHL Reference page
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