David Matusik (Matusik)

Entomologist, USA

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1989 edit

  • Johnson, K. & Matusik, D. 1989. Addendum: A new species of Tmolus (Lycaenidae) from Hispaniola, pp. 525-529, 2 figs. In: A. Schwartz, The Butterflies of Hispaniola. - University of Florida Press, Gainesville. Reference page

1992 edit

  • Johnson, K. & Matusik, D. 1992. Additions to the Hispaniolan fauna, pp. 4-6, In: Johnson, K. (Ed.), Taxonomic Additions to Recent Studies of Neotropical Butterflies. Reports of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Wisconsin 23: 1–20. Reference page

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