Daniel William Coquillett

Daniel William Coquillett (1856–1911), American entomologist.

Daniel William Coquillett

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  • Coquillett, D.W. 1899: Reports on the insects, spiders, mites, and myriapods collected by Dr. L. Stejneger and Mr. G. E. H. Barrett-Hamilton on the Commander Islands. Diptera and Siphonaptera. Pp. 341-346 in D. S. Jordan, The Fur Seals and Fur Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean. Pt. 4. Government Printing Office, Washington. 384 p. Internet Archive
  • Coquillett, D.W. 1899: A new trypetid from Hawaii. Entomological news 10: 129–130.

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