George Robert Crotch

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George Robert Crotch (1842–1874), British entomologist.

George Robert Crotch

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1867 edit

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1871 edit

  • Crotch, G.R. 1871. List of Coccinellidae. Cambridge. 8 pp. Reference page
  • Crotch, G.R. 1871. List of all the Coleoptera described A.D. 1758-1821, referred to their modern genera. Cambridge. [1] + 24 pp.

1872 edit

  • Crotch, G.R. 1872. List of the Coleoptera, found during the progress of the survey. Pp. 263–268. In: Ordnance survey to the Peninsula of Sinai by captains Wilson C. W. and H. S. Palmer. Vol. 1, [1869]. Southhampton: Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Treasury. Reference page

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