Taxonavigation edit

Incertae sedis Eukaryota
Genus: Colemania

Name edit

Colemania Skvortzov & Noda, 1968

References edit

Primary references edit

  • Skvortzov, B.V. & Noda, M. (1968). On new and little known flagellata from N. E. Asia and South America. Bull. Jap. Soc. of Phycology, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 27-37, Japan, December 1968, [1].

Additional references edit

  • Skvortzov, B.V. (1972). A list of new genera and type species of flagellates and algae published in 1966–1968. Part IV. Hydrobiologia, 39(1), 1-7, [2].