Charles Barkley Wade, U.S. ichthyologist.

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Publications edit

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1941 edit

  • Myers, G.S. & Wade, C.B. 1941. Four new genera and ten new species of eels from the Pacific coast of tropical America. Allan Hancock Pacific Expedition 1932–40, Los Angeles 9(4): 65–111, Pls. 7–16. BHLReference page

1946 edit

  • Wade, C.B. 1946. Two new genera and five new species of apodal fishes from the eastern Pacific. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions 9(7): 181–214, Plates 24–28. Online BHL. Reference page
  • Wade, C.B. 1946. New fishes in the collections of the Allan Hancock Foundation. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions 9(8): 215–238, Plates 29–32. Online BHL. Reference page
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