Carl-Robert von Osten-Sacken

Carl-Robert von Osten-Sacken (1828–1906), Russian entomologist and diplomat. Brother of Reinhold Friedrich Freiherr von der Osten-Sacken.

Carl-Robert von Osten-Sacken
русский: Роберт Романович Остен-Сакен

Outdated original spelling (pre-1918):

русский: Робертъ Романовичъ Остенъ-Сакенъ

Alternative transliterations: Rober Romanovich Osten-Saken (Osten-Sacken) (from Russian)

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1875 edit

  • Osten Sacken, C.R. 1875. Report upon the collection of Diptera made in portions of Colorado and Arizona during the year 1873. Report on Geological and Geographical Exploration and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian 5: 803–807. BHL.

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