Aristides von Caradja

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Aristides von Caradja (September 2, 1861 – May 29, 1955), Romanian entomologist (Lepidoptera). Also published as Aristides Caradja.

Aristides von Caradja

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(List may be incomplete) Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Grossschmetterlinge des „Departement de la Haute-Garonne“.

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  • Caradja, A., 1931. A second contribution to our knowledge about the Pyralidae and Microlepidoptera of Kwanhsien. Bulletin de la Section Scientifique, Academie Romana 14: 59–75. Reference page
  • Caradja, A. 1931a. Beiträäge zur Lepidopteren-Fauna Grossrumäniens fur des Jahre 1930. Memorille Sectiunii Stiintifice, Academie Romana (3)7(8): 1–51. Reference page

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