Calypogeia azurea

Taxonavigation edit

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Marchantiophyta
Classis: Jungermanniopsida
Ordo: Jungermanniales
Subordo: Jungermanniineae
Familia: Calypogeiaceae
Genera: Calypogeia – Eocalypogeia – Metacalypogeia – Mizutania – Mnioloma

Name edit

Calypogeiaceae Ordway, Analyt. Guide Nat. Ord.: 65. 1881.

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Primary references edit

  • Ordway, J.M. 1881. Analytical Guide to the Natural Orders of the Vegetable Kingdom. Ordinum botanicorum indagator. Boston: W.J. Schofield. Printed for the use of students in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Google Books Reference page

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中文: 护蒴苔科
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