Božidar Petar Milorad Ćurčić

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Božidar Petar Milorad Ćurčić (1946–2015), Serbian arachnologist.

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  • Ćurčić, B.P.M. 1997 in: Ćurčić, B.P.M., Dimitrijević, R.N., Makarov, S.E., Lučić, L.R., and Karamata, O.S. (1997a). New and little-known false scorpions from the Balkan Peninsula, principally from caves, belonging to the families Chthoniidae and Neobisiidae (Arachnida, Pseudoscorpiones). Monographs of the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade 2: 1–159. Reference page

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