William Harris Ashmead

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William Harris Ashmead (1855–1908), U.S. entomologist.

William Harris Ashmead

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1880 edit

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  • Ashmead, W.H., 1881. On a parasite bred from the eggs of the orange tree plant bug; being another insect friend of the orange-grower. Florida Agriculturist 4(25): 181–181.

1887 edit

1888 edit

  • Ashmead, W.H., 1888. Descriptions of some unknown parasitic Hymenoptera in the collection of the Kansas State Agricultural College, received from Prof. E. A. Popenoe. Bulletin of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Appendix 3: i-viii.
  • Ashmead, W.H., 1888. Descriptions of some new genera and species of Canadian Proctotrupidae. The Canadian Entomologist 20: 48–55.

1890 edit

  • Ashmead, W.H., 1890. On the Hymenoptera of Colorado. Bulletin of the Colorado Biological Association 1: 1–47.

1893 edit

1894 edit

1895 edit

  • Ashmead, W.H., 1895. Description of a new species of Telenomus bred by Mr. F. W. Urich, from a coccid. Journal of the Field Naturalists' Club 2: 220–221.
  • Ashmead, W.H., 1895. Descriptions of three new parasitic Hymenoptera from the Illinois River. Bulletin of the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History 4: 274–277.

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