Alice Guzzi

Alice Guzzi, Italian echinodermologist

  • University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy

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Piazza, P., Cummings, V., Guzzi, A. et al. Underwater photogrammetry in Antarctica: long-term observations in benthic ecosystems and legacy data rescue. Polar Biol 42, 1061–1079 (2019). DOI:


Piazza, P., Gattone, S. A., Guzzi, A., & Schiaparelli, S. (2020). Towards a robust baseline for long-term monitoring of Antarctic coastal benthos. Hydrobiologia, 847(7), 1753-1771.DOI:


Zwerschke, N., Sands, C. J., Roman‐Gonzalez, A., Barnes, D. K., Guzzi, A., Jenkins, S., ... & Scourse, J. (2022). Quantification of blue carbon pathways contributing to negative feedback on climate change following glacier retreat in West Antarctic fjords. Global Change Biology, 28(1), 8-20. DOI:

Guzzi, A., Alvaro, M. C., Danis, B., Moreau, C., & Schiaparelli, S. (2022). Not All That Glitters Is Gold: Barcoding Effort Reveals Taxonomic Incongruences in Iconic Ross Sea Sea Stars. Diversity, 14(6), 457. DOI:

Schiaparelli, S., Alvaro, M. C., Cecchetto, M., & Guzzi, A. (2022). Barcoding of Antarctic Marine Invertebrates: From Field Sampling to Lab Procedures. In Marine Genomics (pp. 177-194). Humana, New York, NY. [1]

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