Alexander Henry Haliday

Alexander Henry Haliday (1806–1870), Irish entomologist.

Alexander Henry Haliday

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1832 edit

  • Haliday, A.H. 1832. The characters of two new dipterous genera, with indications of some generic subdivisions and several undescribed species of Dolichopodidae. The Zoological Journal 5 (1830/1831): 350–367. BHL.

1833 edit

  • Haliday, A.H. 1833. Catalogue of Diptera occurring about Holywood in Downshire. The Entomological Magazine 1: 147–180. BHL.
  • Haliday, A.H. 1833. An essay on the classification of the parasitic Hymenoptera of Britain, which correspond with the Ichneumones minuti of Linnaeus. The Entomological Magazine 1(3): 259–276. BHL.

1836 edit

1837 edit

1838 edit

1839 edit

  • Haliday, A.H. 1839. XXIV.—Remarks on the Generic Distribution of the British Hydromyzidæ (Diptera). Journal of Natural History - Taylor & Francis.
  • Haliday, A.H. 1839. Hymenoptera Britannica: Alysia. Fasciculus Alter. Simms & M'Intyre.
  • Haliday, A.H. 1839. Hymenoptera Britannica Oxyura.
  • Haliday, A.H. 1839. Hymenopterorum synopsis ad methodum clm. Fallentii utplurimum accomodata. Hippolytus Bailliere.
  • Haliday, A.H. & Curtis, J. 1839. British entomology; being illustrations and descriptions of the genera of insects found in Great Britain and Ireland: containing coloured figures from nature …

1844 edit

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1856 edit

  • Haliday, A.H. 1856. pp. 62–63, 131. In Walker, J., Insecta Britannica. Diptera. Vol. 3 . London.
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