Victor Gurney Logan van Someren

Victor Gurney Logan van Someren (born 1886 in Melbourne, dead July 24, 1976), Australian ornithologist and entomologist. He studied zoology at George Watson's College in Edinburgh. Van Someren moved to Kenya in 1912 and lived in Nairobi. He was a member of the East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society where he became honorary secretary. In 1930 he was appointed curator of the Coryndon Museum (part of the Nairobi National Museum), where he was given a house on the grounds. Van Someren named a number of bird and butterfly species.

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  • Van Someren, V.G.L. 1916. A list of birds collected in Uganda an British East Africa, with notes on their nesting habits. Ibis, 10(4): 193–252 & 373–472. 

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