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Hi All,

I'm contributing to Wikispecies, the french Wikipedia, and to Commons. I have a lot to learn regarding how to contribute to Wikispecies, so if you see me doing something funny, please do let me know!

My current focus is on Pentatomoidea:

  • Podopinae - All genera and species completed. Literature can be improved. Subspecies to do.
  • Asopinae - All genera and species completed. Literature can be improved. Would be very useful to access Thomas, 1992.
  • Serbaninae - Done, improve bibliography
  • Stirotarsinae - Done, improve bibliography
  • Aphylinae - Done, improve bibliography
  • Cyrtocorinae - Done, improve bibliography
  • Pentatominae - 42 Tribes, done.

Disclaimer: I'm not an entomologist or any sort of expert in the field. But everything that I write on Wikispecies is supported by scientific articles (which I put in the references section). Despite all my research efforts, mistakes may and will happen...


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