Roger N. Bamber (1 September 1949 - February 2015), British carcinologist

  • ARTOO Marine Biology Consultants, Ocean Quay Marina, Belvidere Road, Southampton SO14 5QY, U.K.

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  • Bamber, R.N. 1997. Peracarid crustaceans from Cape d´Aguilar and Hong Kong, II. Tanaidacea: Apseudomorpha. pp. 87–102. In: Morton, B. (ed.): The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China IV. Proceedings of the Eighth International Marine Biological Workshop: The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and southern China, Hong Kong, 2-20 April 1995. Hong Kong University Press. Reference page

2005 edit

  • Bamber, R.N. 2005: The Tanaidaceans (Arthropoda: Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) of Esperance, Western Australia, Australia. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Marine Biological Workshop: the marine flora and fauna of Esperance, Western Australia: held in Esperance from 3 to 21 February 2003. Volume 2., Western Australian Museum, Perth, 2005: 325–727. Chapter pagination: 613–727. Reference page

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