On the Asclepiadeae

  • Title: On the Asclepiadeae
  • Abbreviation: Asclepiadeae
  • Name: On the Asclepiadeae. A Natural Order of Plants Separated from the Apocineae of Jussieu
  • Authors: Robert Brown
  • Dates: 3 Apr 1810
  • Remarks: Preprinted from Mem. Werner Soc. 1: 12-78. 1811; publication date as 1-7 Apr 1810 in TL2; see Mabberley's article (Robert Brown of the British Museum: some ramifications, p. 105 in 'History in the service of systematics', Society for the Bibliography of Natural History. 1981). Available on Gallica at https://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb37267316t


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