Michael James Wynne (born 1940), American phycologist.

IPNI standard form: M.J.Wynne

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  • Wynne, M.J. 1970. Marine algae of Amchitka Island (Aleutian Islands). I. Delesseriaceae. Syesis 3: 95–144. Reference page
  • Wynne, M.J. 1970. À propos d'un genre nouveau, Rhodolachne (Rhodomelaceae), de l'Océan Indien. Compte Rendu Hebdomadaire des Séances de l’Académie des Sciences. Paris. Série D 270: 1780–1782, 10 figs.
  • Wynne, M.J. 1971. Concerning the phaeophycean genera Analipus and Heterochordaria. Phycologia 10: 169–175. Reference page
  • Wynne, M.J., McBride, D.L. & West, J.A. 1973. Polyneuropsis stolonifera gen. et sp. nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Pacific coast of North America. Syesis 6: 243–253. Reference page
  • Wynne, M.J. 1977. Mikamiella, a new genus of Delesseriaceae (Rhodophyta) from the North Pacific. Bulletin of the Japanese Society for Phycology 25 (Suppl.): 395–402. Reference page
  • Kraft, G.T. & Wynne, M.J. 1979. An earlier name for the Atlantic North American red alga Neoagardhiella baileyi (Solieriaceae, Gigartinales). Phycologia 18: 325–329, 7 figs. Reference page

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