Johann Friedrich Theodor Müller

Fritz Müller (1821 or 1822–1897), German-born Brazilian naturalist, also published as Johann Friedrich Theodor Müller and Müller-Desterro. He published numerous papers on crustaceans and insects, as well as jellyfishes and worms. Müller's articles appeared mostly in Wiegmann's Archiv für Naturgeschichte, the Annals of the Rio Janeiro Museum, and Ernst Günther's Kosmos.

Johann Friedrich Theodor Müller

IPNI standard form: F.J.Müll.: F.J.Müll.

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  • Müller, F. 1881. Descripção do Elpidium bromeliarum, crustaceo da familia dos Cytherideos. Archivos do Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro 4 (1879) 27–34, plate 2. BHL Reference page
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