Helen Tappan

Helen Tappan (Helen Niña Tappan Loeblich, 1917–2004), American micropaleontologist.

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  • Loeblich Jr A.R. and Tappan H., 1961. Suprageneric classification of the Rhizopoda. J. Paleontol. 35, 245–330., [1].
  • Loeblich Jr A.R. and Tappan H.,, 1961. Remarks on the systematics of the Sarcodina (Protozoa), renamed homonyms and new and validated genera. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 74: 213–234.


  • Loeblich Jr A.R. and Tappan H., 1978. Some middle and late ordovician microphytoplankton from Central North America. Journal of Paleontology.
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