George Stewardson Brady

George Stewardson Brady (1832-1921), British carcinologist, especially copepodologist and ostracodologist



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  • Brady, G.S. 1880. A monograph of the free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British Islands. Ray Society, London. 2: 1–182. BHL Reference page


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  • Brady, G.S. 1897: A Supplementary Report on the Crustaceans of the Group Myodocopa obtained during the "Challenger" Expedition, with Notes on other new or imperfectly known Species. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, 14 (1896-1898) (3): 85–100, 3 plates (15-17). PDF


  • Brady, G.S. 1898: On new or imperfectly-known species of Ostracoda, chiefly from New Zealand. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, 14 (8): 429–452, 5 plates. PDF


  • Brady, G.S. 1907: On Entomostraca collected in Natal by Mr. James Gibson. (Part II). Annals of the Natal Museum, 1: 173–186, 4 pls (29-32).
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